Tuesday, January 28, 2003

This one time, at band camp...
Showing their pluck / Musicians see nude calendar as ticket to Carnegie Hall
Talent earned the Cal Poly Wind Orchestra an invitation to Carnegie Hall, but it's sex appeal that will get them there.
To help raise the $80,000 or so needed to get to New York in April, 13 women in the orchestra bared almost all in a 2003 calendar that is sailing out of the Cal Poly Technical University bookstore at 10 bucks a pop.
Most posed behind their instruments, but in some cases that wasn't discrete enough -- a piccolo is so small -- so strategically placed music stands and props keep their privates, well, private.
"The water polo team did something similar a few years ago, but all they had to work with was their water polo balls," said Holly Ransom, a senior featured with her bass trombone in February. "Ours are more unique because we got to use our instruments."

LATER: I'm not sure this is a wise thing to do, but in light of the fact that my "nude calendar" post on New Years' 2002 attracted so much attention, I've expanded it and updated it, and put the resulting page over here.

MUCH LATER: No insult was intended to the students of Cal Poly. But you had to know you'd attract attention when you decided to do this. That's sort of the point. Congratulations: Knock 'em dead at Carnegie.

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