Friday, January 17, 2003

Portrait of an unbalanced mind

LILEKS (James) The Blog: After Gnat went down for her nap I tried to do the same, but I�d had so much coffee my heart felt like a hummingbird in a shoe box; I laid there thinking it would be unfortunate if I had a heart attack now, because she�d wake up and cry and no one would come. But my wife comes home at six, and she�ll probably nap until one, so that�s just five hours, but still, that�s a long time to cry. Poor girl.

I would write something accusatory about such happy thoughts you have, but I can't pretend such things never occur to me. Consider where I spent the last week of the summer.

(This is an experiment, posted via Blogger's "Blog This" shortcut. The context-menu popup flatly does not work for me: This does, adequately.)

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