Friday, January 17, 2003

Just sing, sweetheart, don't talk
Andrew Sullivan, in Salon's "Idiocy of the week", speaking of Sheryl Crow at the American Music Awards:

Here is a fabulously wealthy, famously cute singer, telling the impoverished men, women and children tortured, gassed and abused by one of the most disgusting dictators of all time that any attempt to rescue or liberate them is "not the answer." And she expresses this message in sequins.

Sigh. The message here is that talent or expertise in one field does not legitimize comments made in any other, and we should not delude ourselves that it does. Ms Crow's remarks are... amusing. All the more so that she has chosen the medium of sequins in which to express her opinions. (There's a reason she made her fortune in music.) There is no further significance.

From Yahoo news:

"I just think there's a really vital, sweeping peace movement out there that's not getting covered in the press, so I just kind of try to do my part," she said backstage.

"Not getting covered?" What does she read, Hit Parader? Ah, never mind. Fish in a barrel.

(Heard it from Photodude.)

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