Saturday, January 18, 2003

Lawyers at work
Yahoo! News - Law Targets 'Up-Skirt' Filming
Galled by a court ruling last year that let two men get away with pointing cameras up women's skirts in public, Washington state legislators are proposing updated anti-voyeurism laws to outlaw the practice.

Filming a person's "intimate areas" would be made illegal, even in public places, and DNA samples would be collected from offenders to better track them under a bill written by State Rep. Patricia Lantz, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee (news - web sites).
"In the previous (anti-voyeurism) bill, we didn't consider the remote possibility that jerks would go around filming up the skirts of women," Lantz told Reuters.

...The amended law would not make it illegal to peek at a person's private areas in public, but would outlaw filming, including digital images, which can easily be loaded onto a computer and displayed on the Internet.

"As nasty as it is to the victims, standing over my desk and looking down my blouse is not a crime," Lantz said. "But this bill makes it clear you have a reasonable expectation of privacy about your body and a person's ability to film intimate areas of your body."

I would love to have heard the rationale behind the ruling that sticking a camera up a woman's skirt is not an invasion of her privacy, even if she has had the audacity to leave her home wearing one.

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