Friday, January 10, 2003

Is this an ad for CleanDisk?
Does this scare the bejezus out of anybody besides me?
Discs in trash lead to porn charge arrest
The man was arrested after a female passer-by dug into his trash and took the discs home. She put the discs into her computer and found the images, then reported her discovery to police.

Tell me something. Why do the words invasion of privacy occur nowhere in this story?

Look, I realize none of this reflects well on this guy. Granted. And I have children, so child porn is one of those things of which I'm not disposed to be tolerant. There are a lot of underage-looking girls making a lot of money with pictures like this, but I'm even willing to concede that your average Pinellas county policeman should be able to tell whether girls just look young for their age, or if they really are "under the age of 10" as the arrest report says. And I wouldn't expect anyone to ignore evidence of a crime (loose body parts, bagged cocaine, bootleg VeggieTales) just because it was found in the garbage. I reckon most evidence of crimes is found in the garbage.

But... but...

Ah, never mind. I don't have a leg to stand on here, just an instinctive "this is wrong" reaction.

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