Saturday, May 18, 2002

This one time, at band camp...
What is it with California educators?

Teacher accused of throwing booze and porn party for students
MODESTO, Calif. (AP) --
A high school band teacher accused of giving students booze and showing them pornographic videos has been suspended from work and is facing misdemeanor charges.
Deidra Brauns, 29, was cited Tuesday with misdemeanor charges of providing alcohol to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Police are seeking felony charges against Brauns for taking two boys and a girl to watch X-rated videos in a hotel room. She is also accused of showing porn movies to students at her home and letting them drink beer, said police department spokeswoman Gina McWilliam.

It's okay, though, they were all wearing underwear.

Maybe it's not just educators who are, how shall I say it, obsessed:

Urban Legend Is Disrobed, But Not Before Another Advice Columnist Bites
Relax, parents. Nude slumber parties full of 15-year-old girls are not "all the rage these days," as seen in the Ann Landers column of May 16.
Nor were they when the letter first appeared in print in 1995.
Landers is the latest of several prominent advisers to receive -- and answer -- the letter from a "Baffled Mom in Burlingame," troubled that her daughter wanted to attend one of the parties.
...A nearly identical letter, signed "P.M., Burlingame, Calif.," appeared in the Ebony Advisor column of Ebony magazine in September 1995. (``Oh, I don't think we'd want to make any comment on that," a spokeswoman for Ebony said with a laugh.)

Are you sure that's a hoax letter?

Mom arrested after sexually oriented party
HERNANDO -- A 27-year-old Hernando mother is facing criminal charges after authorities said she hosted a sexually oriented birthday party for her daughter and six other young girls from a local dance school.
Melissa Balkcom was arrested Friday evening on two charges of lewd and lascivious exhibition after she was accused of performing nude jumping jacks in front of the girls and daring a 13-year-old to demonstrate oral sex on a soda bottle, said Citrus County Sheriff's Detective Portia Guinn.
...Guinn said Balkcom admitted to initiating the questionable party game.

I live such a quiet, sheltered life.

(See also Confidence Man)

LATER: Leno, 5-22: "A 27-year-old mother is in trouble in Florida for doing jumping jacks naked during her 13-year-old daughter's birthday party. Not only are the parents upset � but also the people at Chuck E. Cheese's."

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