Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Sorry, I've been sick
You know, the kind of springtime cold that slaps you down and says "Stay down if you know what's good for you." On Sunday I was scratchy and groggy. By Monday my voice was an octave low and, after awakening just long enough to call in sick, I fell asleep again and slumbered restlessly until well after sunset.

I'm beginning to feel a little more like a human being now. But now I have a print-medium deadline staring me in the face, so this may be a short week here at today's purple pill.

I'd rag on Jimmy Carter in Cuba, but I don't know what I could say that hasn't been said. Hey, I've got an idea. Let's *all* go to Cuba. All 300 million of us, shoulder to shoulder. Call it the 21st century version of frat boys in a phone booth, or clowns in a VW.

If I were Uncle Fidel, I'd watch out. We've seen this behavior before. Jimmy's running for President. Of Cuba.

Maybe I got out of bed too soon.

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