Friday, May 10, 2002

"I would not sell a man a hamburger if I thought my buns were stale."
Look, I know everybody in the bloggin' world has already seen this account of the unprecedented closing of the Langtrees brothel in Perth, Australia. The Americans on their way home from the Middle East apparently... well, there's no good way to say it, is there? They wore out their welcome.

It's gotten a lot of press. A few people have even seen the follow-up, a warning to the brothels of Tasmania that the USS Stennis is on the way.

In Australia, it's pretty funny. (Heck, I think it's pretty funny.) But the families of the sailors on another American ship involved, the USS Bridge, were less amused when they saw the story (courtesy of the AP) in their hometown paper, the Bremerton (WA) Sun. In their apology, the Sun doesn't even try to explain what they were thinking, which is probably for the best.

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