Monday, May 20, 2002

Good luck, Cyprus
I'm having trouble thinking of a polite verb for what the EU is doing to Cyprus right now.

Palestinian Exiles to Fly Out Soon
...The 13th Palestinian will remain in Cyprus until an EU nation agrees to accept him, said EU Mideast envoy Miguel Moratinos and Palestinian Ambassador to Cyprus Samir Abu Ghazala. The two spoke in Larnaca, Cyprus, after meeting with the exiles.

Don't hold your breath, Cyprus.

Does it have to be an EU nation? I hear Israel will take him back...

"Now everything is OK and hopefully there will be no problems," [Josep Pique, Spain's foreign minister,] said, adding that the Palestinians' legal status in the EU "is very well defined." He did not elaborate.

Of course it's well defined. They're free citizens. They've gamed international law, with the willing complicity of the EU.

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