Thursday, May 02, 2002

A fine line between dedication and obsession
I don't blame Last Page for cutting back on activity -- CPS is not fun (how well I know) and life often beckons. Nobody expects you to take a laptop to the wedding...

Hey, wait a minute. You know, you *could* install ViaVoice on the laptop and mutter snarky comments into it during the ceremony...

Naah, that would be going too far. Wait until the reception. That's when people are bound to say something really embarrassing. Hey, it's not like it's your wedding.

You know, if you could run voice recognition on a Palm, and upgrade to Blogger Pro so you can e-mail to your blog, you could literally blog all the time... Look out, InstantMan, I sing the Blogger Bionic!

Maybe I need a nap.

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