Friday, May 03, 2002

It's always the people you never suspect

Charlotte Church Wins 'Rear of the Year' Award
Teen-age singing sensation Charlotte Church has performed for princes, presidents and popes. On Wednesday, she won Britain's Rear of the Year award.
..."I think it is quite sad that image is so absolutely fundamental," she told Reuters as she strode into a sun-kissed London park, admitting she felt faintly foolish wearing her "Rear of the Year" winner's sash for the obligatory photo-shoot.

But she showed up anyway.

She's a lovely girl, there's no denying that, but hang on, she's only sixteen! Who votes for this thing? I mean, I heard some grousing during the Olympics about men ogling gold medalist Sarah Hughes in those provocative figure skating costumes. She's sixteen, too.

When did I become such an old fogy? Next thing you know I'll be carrying on about that little tart Britney or something.

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