Saturday, May 18, 2002

'99 Report Warned Of Suicide Hijacking
Really? That's shocking, shocking. We should launch an investigation, immediately.

Say, who was President in 1999?

LATER: InstaPundit pointed out that the earlier version of CBS' page, in their haste to blame Bush for the 9/11 attack, mentioned "a top-secret briefing memo presented to President Bush in 1998". Everybody say it with me now: W was Governor of Texas in 1998. That other guy was President.

A comment to PejmanPundit pointed me at Baxterant, who actually mirrored CBS' original page, if you'd like to see what it looked like.

I'm not sure CBS' revision is an improvement, since it still doesn't suggest that the presidency has changed hands since the memo was filed -- and, thus, if there is blame to be assigned, it is at least shared.

LATER STILL: The good news is, somebody said it. The astonishing news is, someone on the other side of the Atlantic reported it. From Gerald Warner of Scotland on Sunday:

"The president of the United States can�t be expected to be an intelligence analyst and a case officer," said Senator Bob Graham, the Democrat from Florida who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee. That is code for "Jeez! I saw that report too and nixed it."

All right! Now we're getting somewhere!

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