Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your mother should know

Who Is Paul McCartney?!

Apparently Twitter had a surge of live-tweeters during the Grammy awards who had no idea who this "legend" was supposed to be. I guess they didn't stick around for the end of the show.

I'm trying to imagine how my generation would have reacted in 1972 (that's the year that Carole King, Tapestry and "You've Got a Friend" owned the show) if the Grammys had trotted out Frederick Loewe, Richard Rodgers or Meredith Willson for some kind of recognition, all of whom would have been approximately the same age McCartney is now. I can't honestly claim we would have acted any differently. Possibly we would have welcomed Willson, whose "Music Man" was still recent enough to be on people's minds.

P.S.: Okay, I'm sentimental. She made me cry.

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