Tuesday, April 15, 2003

National Museum of Iraq
Tricksy: Ninevaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
This post, and the unbelievable comments thereafter, rather graphically illustrate a facet of the Rabid LeftTM that I simply have never noticed before: Things are vastly more important than people.
Think about it, the extremes they go to over spotted owls, ancient redwoods, archaeological treasures...the breast-beating, hair-tearing, hand-wringing, all over things that are not people. Why are people unworthy of their tears?

Yes, I mourned when I heard about the looting and burning of the museum. Yes, it is probably fated to be mentioned in the same breath as the destruction of the library at Alexandria.

But people are more important than things. It only (only!) took a house fire to make me see that with crystal clarity. I lost a lot of stuff I'd really like to have saved--but my family is OK. I'll take that trade. Admittedly, I didn't lose any Mesopotamian artifacts -- but I'd like to think my answer would be the same if I had.

And the Iraqis did, lets not forget, destroy the museum themselves. Rumsfeld didn't break down the door. Franks didn't light the match. You can't anticipate everything.

(By the way, "Tricksy" is the new home of Stacy Tabb, previously seen at Blogatelle. Happy moving day!)

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