Monday, April 28, 2003

Eerie? Vanish?
Yahoo! News - Eerie Silence in Hollywood as Anti-War Stars Vanish? Isn't that overstating the case? Seems like Reuters is trying to make this sound a lot more sinister than it is. Not much point in protesting a war after it's over. Even Mike Farrell (organizer of "Artists United to Win Without War") acknowledges this--in his way.
"What's the point of me saying anything right now, while they're in the end zone doing the dance and spiking the football?" Farrell said. "They are going to do the thing they are going to do, but we'll be heard from when it's appropriate and in the manner that is appropriate."

Ah. Appropriate. Like that. It is, after all, just a game. It's not like anybody actually died or anything.
"We'll never know now what could have been achieved through peaceful means."

"We" did have twelve years of hints, though.
[Janeane] Garofalo, working hard on her upcoming ABC sitcom, did not respond to interview requests for this story. But she told the Washington Post last week that her anti-war stance had been a "positive" experience that had helped her career.
"Before this I was a moderately well-known character actress," she told the paper. "Now, I'm almost famous."

Oh, that's clever. Tasteful, too. One might even say, appropriate.

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