Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I can live with it
What Capt. Sonny Perdue has joined, let no one rip asunder�
Here's the Chamber-of-Commerce bumper sticker we predict in the coming campaign: A picture of Franklin's flag, with the slogan, "It's what Robert E. Lee would have wanted."

Oh, yeah, it's a cute line. But it doesn't belong in a straight news story.

The reason I link to it at all is that the article contains the full text of Rep. Bobby Franklin's speech in which he suggested the compromise Georgia flag. It's reminiscent of the pre-1956 flag, but it isn't. (I never understood why that flag, as is, was considered inappropriate.) It isn't the dog's breakfast of a flag shoved through by Gov. Barnes (that, by some accounts, cost him re-election). I would prefer the words "In God We Trust" had been omitted (not on moral grounds--it's in my pocket on our money right now--but because you don't put words on flags), and some reports I've seen indicate that the words were dropped. But it's a simple, elegant flag with (some) historical roots.

That'll do.

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