Sunday, March 16, 2003

Welcome to planet Earth 'Human Shields' Booted After Criticizing Iraq's Instructions
They had chosen locations "essential to the civilian population," such as food storage warehouses and water and electricity facilities, said Ken O'Keefe, of Haleiwa, Hawaii.
But the Iraqi government wanted the shields in more sensitive locations, he said. He did not elaborate, but some earlier activists have also left Iraq, reportedly after being told they would be posted at potentially strategic targets, such as oil refineries and power plants.
"They removed us from the sites we had chosen because we were critical of the integrity and the autonomy of the Iraqi authorities," said O'Keefe, 33. "I was escorted by Iraqi intelligence officers to the border, because I say what I believe and the Iraqi government wants submissive easy robots."

I can't decide if that's close enough to call a correct answer.
"The Iraqi government was acting absolutely very stupid," O'Keefe said, dressed in a long Arabic dishdasha robes while talking to The Associated Press at a small hotel in downtown Amman. "If they had only cooperated and let us do part of what we wanted to do, we could have worked with them also to protect these sites and we would have brought in more people to stay."

And you're proud of that?

Have you really thought this through? I'd be more disposed to respect your courage (if not your common sense) if I thought you understood that providing "aid and comfort" to an enemy is one of the few Constitutionally-defined crimes (treason), and is commonly punished by revoking your citizenship and deporting you.

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