Thursday, March 27, 2003

The personals
It's another Thursday Threesome:
Onesome: Lights. Did you watch the lights of Hollywood at the Academy Awards the other night? ...and were you surprised by any of the winners. ...or did you spend the evening doing something else?

I listened to parts of it. Having seen none of the nominated performances, and having noticed that the only actors I recognize are getting Lifetime Achievement awards, I didn't pay much attention.

Twosome: Camera. Do you enjoy photography? ...and do you take pictures for your web site if you have one? Hmmm... Digital or film? Inquiring minds and all that...

I do enjoy photography, but I don't take many pictures. Being dirt cheap, I don't have the bandwidth to spare.

Threesome: Action. For some, March Madness has begun. Have you succumbed to the action of the basketball tournament, or are you immune to the madness and just waiting for regular programming to resume?

Basketball is a mental disorder to which I seem to be immune. The closest I get to March Madness is the unrelated malady, Spring Fever...

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