Monday, March 31, 2003

And then they clicked their heels together and cried, "There's no place like Baghdad"
Reuters | Hundreds of Iraqis Killed in Four-Day Kifl Battle The officers said the tank unit fired two 120 mm high velocity depleted uranium rounds straight down the main road, creating a powerful vacuum that literally sucked guerrillas out from their hideaways into the street, where they were shot down by small arms fire or run over by the tanks.

You have to be careful what you tell reporters...

On the other hand, (say it with me now), well, it is Reuters. It's not like they're real reporters.

"We wouldn't have known they were there if Lieutenant Kent, here, hadn't seen them through the walls. He's really Superman, but don't tell anybody."

(Saw the reference at One Hand Clapping. While you're there, scroll down to the war protesters at the Fox News building in Manhattan, and his description of the difference between "soldiers" and "Marines", a distinction our beloved news media cannot seem to get straight.)

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