Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Not exactly Yu-Gi-Oh
Okay, this playing card thing is getting completely out of hand.

The first set, the Iraqi deck, that was cute. When the media started referring to the capture or surrender of Saddam-regime notables by their placement in the deck, that got old fast. When the Republicans in the Texas legislature had a deck made featuring their "missing" Democratic counterparts hiding out in Oklahoma, it was funny.

(Texas legislators hiding out in Oklahoma? They're doing it to prevent a quorum: Without one, the legislature can't vote on the pending Republican redraw of the district maps. Or, for that matter, anything else--like a budget. Admittedly, it can't beat the "Georgia's Three Governors" story, but it's right up there. It's illegal, of course, and the State Speaker of the House could normally send State Troopers to bring them back...but crossing the state line?)

Now that NewsMax is markeding a "Deck of Weasels" featuring the 54 biggest anti-war whoppers, though, it's just getting embarrassing. (The fact that the original Iraq deck sells for $5 and the NewsMax deck is $15... well, they're not representing it as anything other than a subscription promotion.) The photoshopped berets are a noxious touch that the "America's Most Unwanted" deck did without...

And then there's the Republican ChickenHawk deck, featuring people with "a curious lack of wartime service when others their age had no trouble finding the fight." Looking at this ad alongside the ad for the NewsMax deck, I must say the pages look appallingly similar...much more so than their content would suggest. You'd almost think they're designed and published by the same people...

UPDATE: "Operation Iraqi Freedom Military Heroes Playing Cards"? Greenpeace cards? Artifacts looted from the Iraqi Museum? The Trade Regulation Organization ("The TRO, estimating that the U.S. governing regime is no longer consistent with world peace or prosperity, hopes that the playing cards will show the way to regime change and, eventually, large-scale war crimes proceedings")? ENOUGH!

(The Internet Weekly Report is publishing extraordinarily hateful images of "parody" cards, but doesn't seem to be marketing a physical deck.)

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