Monday, April 29, 2002

The right reasons
Ok, I can't overlook Matt Welch any longer, and I'm sorry it took this long to put him on my link list.

[Ann Louise] Bardach bemoaned that kids nowadays get into journalism for the wrong reasons (money and fame, dontcha know), unlike her generation, which wanted �to change the world.�

Ms Bardach, your readers would rather you just told us what's going on. We'll decide what needs changing. Thanks.

During the Q&A period, some young would-be reporter asked the panelists for advice. Bardach suggested serving internships, because �journalists always need interns.�

I could use a few myself. Serve me, and one day all this may be yours.

She suggested the panel discuss the pressing problem of �hating the home-town newspaper.� She hoped they would find strategies �how to work against that.�

I suppose improving the content is out of the question. No wonder newspaper readership is down. I have high hopes for the next great L.A. paper, Mr Welch.

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