Friday, April 26, 2002

Is that what the Saudis are feeling, that they are taking out advertisements on radio stations telling us what peaceful people they are?

Saith James Lileks:

In the Galileo this morning I heard a commercial urging an end to strife in the Mideast. Uplifting music, deep-voiced announcer. Text: We only want peace, and we have a plan. Tagline: Saudi Arabia. Partners in Peace. I said a word I should not say with Gnat in the back seat.
If the House of Sod is taking ads in Midwestern talk radio stations they know they're in trouble.

Why, no, it's not just Midwestern talk radio stations. We're getting it here in Atlanta, too. The host on whose show they aired reported that the first-generation spot drew such critical comment from listeners that the advertising agency (not the station) pulled it for a rewrite. I'm not sure how much credibility to put in that, though, since he also said the new spot would include two voices, male and female, but the spot I heard today had only a male voice. (I think it was probably the same one Lileks heard.)

It's OK with me. They don't understand (or, perhaps, care about) the "American street": The spots make that clear. Go right ahead, Your Highness. Dig that hole as deep as you like.

LATER: Here's the story in the AJC. Link will probably last a week from publication. Thanks, Little Green Footballs.

LATER YET: But cable networks are passing on the TV spots.

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