Sunday, April 28, 2002

How to attract attention without really trying
Or, Caught in the act of throwing your life away.

Public tryst as tot wanders lands mom, partner in jail
Burlington police were dispatched about 9 a.m. to North Main Street - not far from the police station - after a caller reported two people were naked in a car.
Police arrived to find a couple in the front seat of a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron - and also discovered an 18-month-old boy wandering in an alley nearby. The boy was the woman's child, authorities said.

Oh, it gets better. She's eighteen. He's wanted for failure to appear at a drunk driving hearing. They were parked across the street from the courthouse.

LATER: The child is with the grandparents. Is it heartless of me to observe that, having failed to instill any common sense in the second generation, they now get a shot at the third?

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