Sunday, April 28, 2002

"I'll take the Effing Obvious for $100, Alex" Headline of the Week

Anti-Semitism Is Deepening Among Muslims
The use of Nazi imagery, the newspaper caricatures of Jews with fangs and exaggerated hook noses, even the Arab textbooks with their descriptions of Jews as evil world conspirators -- all of that, Arab leaders often insist, reflect a dislike for Israelis and Zionism but not for Jews and Judaism.
Yet in many Muslim countries the hatred of Jews as Jews, and not only as citizens of Israel, has been nurtured through popular culture for generations.

Well, it's in the Newspaper of Record, it must be true. (Link requires free registration.) (See also Letter from Gotham and Cut on the Bias.)

Does that mean hatred of Israelis is OK, as long as it isn't hatred of Jews generally?

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