Friday, April 12, 2002

How embarrassing
We're not all like this, honest.

Representative Cynthia McKinney (EXTREME D, Ga) is calling for an investigation to determine whether President Bush knew, in advance of September 11, that an attack was imminent. "Democrat Implies Sept. 11 Administration Plot," says the WaPo headline.

(Have mercy. Just look the other way. She has a history of doing things like this.)

Aha. The light bulb just came on. The Democrats have been frantically searching for an issue on which they can run in November. The President has been calmly taking issues away from them (some might say "caving in") left and right (so to speak). What's left?

The War. They're going to run against The War. This should be entertaining.

LATER: Apparently both of our Senators (Zell Miller and Max Cleland, both also Democrats) also think McKinney crossed a line.

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