Tuesday, February 24, 2004

PETA targets Portland

Apparently PETA really has it in for that particular KFC. Indymedia reports an earlier PETA protest there, in association with IDA (In Defense of Animals). (Well, "reports" is a strong word: They mirror the press release.) And they were there last November, too. Don't these people have jobs?

LATER: Even the Portland "Chickette" is not a first offender: I see from PETA's own files that they've appeared in Los Angeles, Charlotte, Tucson, San Diego, Johnson City, and even Kelowna, B.C., and coming soon to Tokyo. What, no tour calendar? (I wouldn't bother with those links if I were you. PETA press releases have a depressing sameness about them.)

Ah. I might have known. The girls have their own web page. Visit them at CommandoChicks.com, one of PETA's many, many, many domains. When not stalking KFC, they spend their time in grocery stores with ticket guns, adding labels to the store's packaged chicken: "Warning! This package contains the decomposing corpse of a small, tortured bird." (Well, I should hope so! If the bird were shrinkwrapped alive, that would be cruel.)

What a country.

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