Monday, February 02, 2004

I thought I was kidding

Fox is remaking Mister Ed.
David Alan Basche has been cast as Wilbur Post in Fox's remake of the 1960s comedy "Mister Ed"...

"Mister Ed" is an updated take on the classic sitcom about Wilbur Post, played in the original by Alan Young, and his talking horse in which the equine title character has an urban sensibility. Basche's credits include the sitcoms "Three Sisters" and "Oh Grow Up" and Steven Soderbergh (news)'s feature "Full Frontal."
According to AllHipHop News:
According to reports, producers at Fox TV have decided Mister Ed would be more marketable and popular if the talking horse adopted hip-hop lingo.
Not gonna go there. Talk amongst yourselves.

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