Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Screw the agenda, where's the seating chart
You know, they say it's about the children, but you have to wonder which children they're talking about.
Springfield Republican | Seating spat ends schools meeting
A stand-off over seating assignments prompted Chairwoman Mary Ryan-Kusiak to adjourn last night's School Committee meeting seconds after it convened.
The dispute came to a head when committee member Laura J. Bertelli sat behind the nameplate of another member, in contradiction of what Ryan-Kusiak termed the standard protocol.
..."My seating assignment has been changed three times," she said. "I'm sick of playing musical chairs."
Ryan-Kusiak defended her action, saying seating assignments are at the discretion of the chairman. She said Bertelli's assignment had been changed just twice since the spring election.

Ah, got it. If the assignment has been changed twice, then Ms Bertelli has had three different seats: Her original place, the position after the first change, and the position after the second.

And absolutely, the important part of this controversy is how many times Ms Bertelli's nameplate has been moved. As if, if it actually had been moved three times, then her actions would have been justified, but if it's only been moved twice, she's overreacting.
"If I have to adjourn the meeting again because one person decides to make a point, then I will," said Ryan-Kusiak. "I don't understand why she didn't try to settle this with a phone call before the meeting."
Bertelli saw it differently.
"She made the decision it was more important for me to sit someplace than it was to have a meeting. I can't see it any other way."

So, Ms Ryan-Kusiak expected Ms Bertelli to call her in advance to ask where she would be sitting?

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