Friday, December 21, 2007

So when CAN I name him?

USA Today | Child cannot be named Friday
Italian judges forbade a couple from naming their son Friday, saying it would bring the child shame and ridicule to be named after the character in Robinson Crusoe.

"They thought that it recalled the figure of a savage, thus creating a sense of inferiority and failing to guarantee the boy the necessary decorum," the couple's lawyer, Paola Rossi, said Wednesday.

Mara and Roberto Germano, whose son was born on Sept. 3, 2006, had the boy named and baptized Venerdi, Italian for Friday.

Even though the boy was not born on a Friday — it was Sunday — his parents liked the name, said Rossi.
So what's his name?
What's his name?
Do you know the kid's name?
I should say I do.
Then what is it?
Can't you tell me today?
Of course I can.
Well, tell me the kid's name.
This IS Friday.
So tell me the kid's name.

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