Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Today's PETA Prank

Reuters (Yahoo!) | Police Bust Up Nearly Nude Protest
Police arrested six shivering protesters on Monday after they braved cool temperatures and staged a nearly naked pillow fight outside Harvard University to promote animal rights.

... "This is nothing compared to what the animals go through," protester Karla Waples, wearing nothing but pasties to cover her nipples and a pair of panties, shouted to reporters as she was led in handcuffs to a waiting police van.
Monday's high in Cambridge was 50°, according to the Weather Channel. Some might think they're enjoying this public nakedness thing a little too much. I wonder that the police don't show up at these PETA exhibitions more often than they do.

Harvard Crimson | PETA Protest Ends in 6 Arrests
Anne D. Conlin ’07 criticized the spectacle nature of the event.

“If they want to bring in people from the mainstream to their cause it can be better done with persuasive data than naked antics in Harvard Square,” she said.

[PETA VP Dan] Mathews defended the group’s methods as unfortunate but necessary.

“Anything that gets people talking about issues is effective,” he said. “It’s a shame that we have to go to such lengths, but if we had been clothed and holding up pictures of animals being electrocuted on fur farms, there wouldn’t have been such vast public interest. Or jokes on Saturday Night Live.”
Ah. Just as I suspected. PETA as street theater.

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