Sunday, August 04, 2002

"I'll take the flippin' obvious for $100, Alex" headline of the week
Gets extra points for not being as trivial as it appears.

Romance Blooms in Cozy Corners of Cinemas
For the first time in Bombay, three upmarket cinemas have each set aside a dozen seats, called "Close-Up Corners," for couples wishing to watch a film together.
The seats -- priced the same as other cinema seats -- are bigger and designed for two people with no arm rests between them.
In conservative India, where public displays of affection are frowned upon, young men and women rarely dare to even hold hands for fear of censure or getting a "bad name."
"This is the ideal place for couples to spend time together," said Hameed Shaikh, general manager of a suburban cinema, adding the "corners" were proving popular with college students.

Culture strikes another blow for individual freedom. "It's stupid to be prudish." Not as stirring as "Give me liberty or give me death", perhaps, but a lot easier to dance to.

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