Tuesday, July 02, 2002

"They're going to try to trick us."
Yeah, it was a pretty clever trick the Transportation Security Agency played on screeners at 32 airports: They threw weapons and simulated bombs into their luggage as if they were so many pairs of socks. They didn't try to hide them at all.

And 25-30% of them still got through.

''There seems to be a belief that just because TSA is looking at things, things are going to be significantly different,'' [aviation security analyst Jack] Plaxe says. ''The reality is that you may be paying screeners more, but you're still using the same people. I don't know why people would expect to see things differently than before.''

Fire 'em all. Fire everybody, up to and including Norman Mineta if you have to, and hire people who know what a bomb looks like.

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