Friday, July 05, 2002

I love PowerPoint
I spent three years working for Microsoft performing technical support for PowerPoint, versions 4.0, 95, and 97. I had a ball. However, it must be said, most people don't need PowerPoint. And many of the people who are using PowerPoint should not be.

Anyway, because I lived it for three years, I notice things like this:

Click to Add Title is a friendly competition in an unusual medium: PowerPoint presentations.

The Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation is proof positive that whatever else you can accomplish with PowerPoint, being statesmanlike and inspirational is beyond its reach.

You may have heard of "Yours is a Very Bad Hotel", a complaint to the hotel manager as PowerPoint presentation. And the authors thought only a couple of people would see it... (The original version with names named is still around, too...)

UWTV produces television-ready PowerPoint presentations -- and has valuable advice for users trying to do that on their own.

Sean D'Souza knows what PowerPoint is all about.

(By the way, you'll have to have either PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer to see these in all their glory...)

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