Monday, December 03, 2001

So That's "It"?

You remember, "It", sometimes called "Ginger", that maybe-scooter that was all the buzz for about fifteen seconds back before the Election That Wouldn't Quit?

Well, the secret of It is finally Out. And since I never developed excessively high expectations for It, I have to say It actually looks like a clever little gadget. The combination of a small, powerful power source, and sophisticated gyroscopics that actually work to keep you on It, appears to result in a genuine New Thing.

I still think It's going to look pretty silly when Atlanta's Finest start taking to the streets on It -- er, Them -- early next year, as they've announced they will. I wonder what It's top speed is? If an officer has to pursue a suspect on foot, can he do so aboard It? And if he hops off to give chase on those not-quite-obsolete feet, will It still be where he left It when he goes back for It?

On the other hand, if you stole It, you couldn't ride It without people knowing where you got It.

(Yeah, I know the inventor calls it Segway. It's more fun to call it It. Besides, "Segway"? If this thing's gonna fly, it's gonna need a new name.)

MORE ABOUT SEGWAY: Hmm. Max capacity 250 pounds. That *ahem* lets me out.

17 mph. That is faster than a four-minute mile, so a policeman riding a Segway could, theoretically, outrun a running man. Assuming the man could stop laughing long enough to run effectively. But then what?

Runs for 2 hours on a 6 hour charge. This is the kind of nonsense that is killing electric automobiles.


Why would anyone buy that when they could afford this?

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