Friday, December 14, 2001

"Cavemen with AK 47's" has decided that this letter (adult language warning!) is probably a fake. In my opinion, Snopes is using "false" when "not proven" would be more appropriate.

You may have heard it: It purports to be a letter from "Saucy Jack", an American soldier on duty in Afghanistan, describing living conditions there -- and "how the war goes" devoid of any possible network news spin. You may find yourself wanting it to be true.

I refer you to it primarily for the imagery of the phrase "cavemen with AK 47's", which "Jack" uses to describe the belligerent, unsophisticated people of Afghanistan. This, sadly, is consistent with what we have seen of them on American television. Yes, everyone seems to carry guns over there (and that much, I have heard from a reliable source, is quite true), but they're as likely to swing them club-like by the barrel as to actually fire them at anybody.

But whatever else one can say about the Afghans, they are -- must be -- adaptable and tough. The fact that people do still live in Afghanistan is ample proof of that.

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