Friday, December 28, 2001

Returning to Normal -- Sort Of

Vandals mystify me. Eggs on the car, spray paint on an overpass, hacking a web site, releasing a virus, it all looks the same to me. Are people truly that bored?

This entry is an experiment. As I type, my blog archive appears to be gone, eradicated by a hacker with time on his hands. Blogger (my host) was hacked on Christmas Day, for those of you who don't already know it. So far I'm the only one I know who actually lost content. What a wonderful Christmas present -- a clean start. *ahem*

I suspect that I'm giving the vandal too many column inches by even acknowledging that anything happened -- but it appears I cannot restore my blog, so I may as well explain it.

I had some interesting stuff up here, I thought. Many of you who read it were kind enough to tell me you thought so, too. But because this expletive has hosed my profile, I've had to manually rebuild my archive. Here are direct links to previous weeks, for as long as they last. If they fall out of BlogSpot, I have some other server space I can post them in. But it's a pain.


[Later: I was able to recover and re-post this week's comments, which you'll see below. If anybody linked directly to any of those messages pre-hack, those links won't work, but they'll at least bring you to this page. I also made hard links to the archives that Blogger is no longer automatically minding for me. All's relatively well that ends. Hackers are still jerks, though.]

[Later still: Had an "a-ha" moment. Now, if anybody linked to these messages pre-hack, those links will still work. No, really, it was nothing, all in a day's work, service with a smilie. :) ]

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