Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Live, from Kandahar, it's CBS Smackdown!

From the moment I heard that Dan Rather was going to interview Donald Rumsfeld, I felt certain there would be at least one classic Rather Moment in it. Proving that he knows what his audience wants, he delivered it with the first question.
Rather: Is it true that the U.S. military is indeed close to moving another force into this country possibly around Jalalabad and the Tora Bora cave section?
Rumsfeld: We don't announce anything with respect to prospective deployments.
Rather: I'm going to take that to mean that at least it may be under consideration.
Rumsfeld: It would be a mistake to take it as anything other than a standing Department of Defense and Don Rumsfeld policy that it puts people's lives in danger if we speculate about what might or might or might not happen in the future.
Rumsfeld 1, Rather 0.

Well, once they established once and for all just who's driving this interview, it ended uneventfully.

(Thanks, Oreta.)

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