Monday, February 16, 2009

Counterfeit trash bags

Those are words I never thought anyone would have an opportunity to use together. What a country!
Yahoo News - Mass. city misspells 'offcial' to catch bag cheats

GLOUCESTER, Mass. – No, managers with Gloucester's Public Works Department aren't idiots. They're just trying to catch cheats. When the Massachusetts city unveiled its new $2 purple trash bags that all residents must use when disposing of household waste, the word 'official' was deliberately spelled 'offcial.'

Recycling coordinator Kathy Middleton tells The Gloucester Daily Times the intentional misspelling is supposed to make it easier to catch people who try to counterfeit bags. Middleton says counterfeiting has been a problem in the past.
I'm pretty sure I shouldn't look this up and find out why Gloucester, Mass requires its subjects to use $2 trash bags. Or why they're even worried about counterfeit trash bags. But I did. And now I know. That's how they pay their trash collection fees.

I guess it's a good thing every city doesn't do this. Then Glad and Hefty would be getting in line for a government bail-out.

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