Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If it moves and it shouldn't...

When Forbes magazine conducted their "20 Most Important Tools" survey, there was a 21st tool that just wouldn't be left out.
Forbes | The Other Greatest Tool Ever
Models use it to create cleavage. Sled-dog drivers use it to prevent frostbite. Athletes use it to support weak joints. Veterinarians use it to repair horses' hooves.

What's this wonder tool? Duct tape.
There's no denying that Duck Tape Saves the Day.


Anonymous said...

The ‘create cleavage’ link reminds me of a classic moment from the comic, ‘Cerebus the Aardvark’:

Red Sophia: What do you think of THESE, big boy?

Cerebus: Cerebus thinks they’d heal up if you’d quit wearing that chain mail brassiere.

Anonymous said...

And Lin just had me pick up a roll of duct tape at the grocery store because Colin wants to make a wallet out of the stuff (as described in some instructions he found on the Internet).