Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Media: I do not hate Celine Dion

I have tried, oh, how I have tried. I liked Titanic but I got so sick of that darned song. But still I couldn't shake the feeling that Dion herself was a talented musician with more range than she was typically called upon to show.

But I also enjoy Barry Manilow and Nine Inch Nails (two names that may never have been said in the same sentence before), so you can take that for what it's worth.

The thesis of the following video is: Celine Dion is Amazing. I'm not sure I'm convinced of that, but the video certainly is.


Anonymous said...

C.D. gets at least a plenary indulgence from me because of her fundraising efforts against cystic fibrosis.

Martin said...

If I saw her on fire next to the road and had to pie I would not do it on her!

She must die a painful slow she became famous is beyond me!

Daniel said...

What has she ever done to inspire (or deserve) such hatred?