Wednesday, December 10, 2003

It's talk radio's fault

The Newsday | Car Accident Caught on Air
In a frightening moment when reality radio turned all too real yesterday morning, motorist Cheryl Picker of Shoreham was debating the Michael Jackson sexual-abuse case on the air when her sport utility vehicle was hit and rolled over on the William Floyd Parkway.

Picker had just finished telling radio talk-show host Curtis Sliwa, "Maybe those are the parents that are the pedophiles," when listeners to WABC/770 AM heard a loud crash, the sound of crackling glass, tearing metal and then silence.

"Cheryl, are you OK?" co-host Ron Kuby said. "Cheryl? Cheryl?"

A faint voice responded, "Please call the cops."
So what was she doing driving down the road talking to a radio show? She shoulda... No, wait, she was pulled over.

Maybe we could blame it on her SUV? No, her car wasn't moving. Someone else hit her. It's not like a Toyota RAV 4 is hard to see. And, in a dramatic reversal of expectations when normal cars encounter SUVs, the other driver is unhurt.

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