Sunday, September 21, 2003

Long ago in a theater far away

When is a movie finished?

Digital Bits' Rumor Mill is reporting that, as part of the marketing promotion for the inevitable Episode Three (if you have to ask "of what", move on to the next item, you won't care about anything else I have to say here), fans can expect the eagerly-awaited DVD release of the Original Trilogy in 4th Qtr, 2004.

But which trilogy? The films as originally released in 1977/1980/1983? Almost certainly not. George is on record that he never intends to release those. The SFX-enhanced Special Edition we've seen? Well... maybe not, according to Ain't it Cool News.
One of the digital guys was showing off some stuff on his laptop at Fox last week and it was a really surreal experience because it was the fight between Vader and Alec Guinness but it was all new stuff, very similar to the fights in the new shows, all hyper and well choreographed. Think Yoda was pretty fly for an old Jedi? Wait til you see Guinness.
Of course this could just be test footage prepared for someone's personal amusement. But it's all too credible that the shot could be intended for an Ultimate Episode Four.

I might be upset if I still had any emotional involvement in this series. But the better the effects get, the weaker the story looks.

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