Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Yahoo! News - German Book to Set Record from Pen to Print
Forty German authors are hoping to set a new world record by conceiving, writing and printing a book in 12 hours, the event's organizers said Tuesday.
..."Generally, people associate writing a book with years of brain-racking and reflection. We wanted to make the point that print literature can still hold its own in the age of the Internet," spokesman Christoph Schaefer told Reuters.

You wanted to prove that a real book can be just as slapdash as, well, a blog?

If speed is all that matters, then "print literature" is indeed doomed. The internet shines, of course, at hastily-conceived poorly-edited trash, such as I confidently expect this project will be.

Which is to say, good and bad both transcend their media. A bad idea is still a bad idea, and good work will still attract attention whether it is found in ink or pixels.

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