Sunday, March 31, 2002

An experiment
I opened a second blog. I made a few posts there. Encouraged by comments received, I've concluded I really don't need two blogs. So here's what I posted there, and from now on you need only check this one: Soon I'll delete the other one.

Tuesday Too
1.) New evidence suggests expansion of the universe is speeding up. Your time is now limited. What unfinished personal business would be your highest priority? Hug my wife and kids. I don't do that nearly enough. I work an odd shift, so I rarely see them awake.

2.) Because you are an expert, you are asked to give a lecture at Harvard. What is your field of expertise (real or imagined)? Reversal of rectocranial inversion among the academic elite.

3.) This is your midnight or midday confession. Do you have an embarrassing vice to share? Only Buffy.

Thursday Threesome
Onesome. Bed. You spend a few hours a night there, so tell us about your bed - size, favorite sheets, comforter...oh, and do you make it or leave it unmade? My bed is a king size futon mattress on an Anderson frame. (Which means, yes, I've slept in apartments smaller than this bed.) Sheets are, well, whatever's clean. Flannel in the winter, cotton in the summer. My wife, who is always cold, has found an electric blanket that eschews the traditional 1-10 scale: Its top setting is "22". Fortunately, it has two controls: My half is usually off, except on the very coldest days of winter, when I will grudgingly turn it on at "1".

It is often left unmade, because with our wildly differing sleep shifts, one of us is usually in it.

Twosome. Bath. OK. How much time does it take you to get "ready" on the average day - from first step into the bathroom to stepping out fully dressed.... About an hour. But that is because I enjoy stretching out (some would say "languishing") in the bathtub. We have an antique (you're supposed to say that about old things, it makes them feel better) claw-footed iron tub in which even a 5' 10" male of *ahem* significant cubic displacement can stretch out. Because of the odd schedule I work (see previous comment), I rarely inconvenience anyone when I do this. Most workdays it's the best part of the day.

Threesome. Beyond. What is your favorite room / area of your home? Tell us all about it... I like my computer area. There are things I could change about it, certainly -- the desk is a modified folding table of the "banquet" variety, designed to be used as a computer desk, with a separate keyboard platform slightly lower than desk height. A swivel work chair sits in front of it (I'd prefer one with arms, but one takes what one can get), and software / book storage is behind me as I sit and type. The window is to my right. This, more than any other place in the house, is Mine.

The Friday Five
1. If you could eat dinner with and "get to know" one famous person (living or dead), who would you choose? Arrgh, what a choice. My first answer is Orson Welles, but I would be too awestruck to say anything. I'll bet Teller (of Penn and...) would be a ball to hang around with.

2. Has the death of a famous person ever had an effect on you? Who was it and how did you feel? Steve Allen. Everything he did, he made it look like any normal, reasonably-intelligent person could have done it -- but of course that isn't true. I was saddened to hear of his death: I was troubled to learn, later, that it might have been prevented had he seen a doctor immediately after the automobile accident, instead of going home.

3. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you choose? Which 24 hours? Oh, maybe Garrison Keillor, just to say and do things on his radio show for which he would be apologizing for the rest of his life...

4. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Who? *Sigh* When my hair is long and straggly, I look like Jerry Garcia. When my hair is short and neat, I look like Santa Claus.

5. Have you ever met anyone famous? Thanks to the radio theater company I participate in, I have met several famous people. The high point was appearing on stage with Harlan Ellison, Anthony Daniels, and Brinke Stevens. (Tapes and CDs are available for sale in the lobby...)

I will also never forget my experience with Himan Brown...

The Web is complete
Anyone who knows me will know why I love CowBlog. As for the rest, well, some things you just can't explain.

The experiment is complete
The one I meant was whether I really needed two blogs. The answer is no. You needn't check the other one again: It will go away soon. Thanks for your indulgence. If this had been an actual schizophrenic episode, you would have been instructed to run like hell. No, you wouldn't. Well, maybe.

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