Thursday, February 21, 2002

Next on CNN: How to pirate video tapes
Can anyone explain, or even guess, why CNN aired travel tips for Americans wishing to vacation in sunny Cuba?

Media Minded and the Miami Herald are curious, too. It's illegal, you know: The U. S. is maintaining an embargo against Cuba. Not that it has stopped many of our more fatuous celebrities -- and newsmen, occasionally -- from making the trip to congratulate Fidel Castro for his sterling record in human rights. "What you're doing down there is trading with, supposedly, the enemy," offers travel consultant Chris McGinnis, as he warns you not to use your credit cards while you're there (incriminating paper trail, don't you know) -- and CNN helpfully diagrams your route through those necessary intermediate stops in other countries that aren't, supposedly, the enemy, I guess.

I guess Donald Rumsfeld made Guantanamo Bay look too darned inviting, at that.

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