Sunday, January 06, 2002

"One of our best journalists"
This may be old news. Link found at PhotoDude, article from the Wall Street Journal via MSNBC:
Last May, someone sat down at an IBM desktop here [in Kabul] and typed out a polite letter to a bitter foe of al-Qaida, the anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Shah Massoud. The writer tapped at the computer for 97 minutes, according to its internal record, then printed out the fruit of his labor: a request for an interview with Massoud, to be conducted by 'one of our best journalists, Mr. Karim Touzani.' On Sept. 9, two men posing as journalists, one carrying a passport in the name of Karim Touzani, detonated a hidden bomb as they interviewed Massoud.

Frivolous comment: And I thought Dan Rather was biased.

Serious comment: Can there be any further doubt? We are dealing with (a) utterly ruthless people who (b) aren't the sharpest tacks in the box. And I'm not sure which side I'm talking about.

Massoud's people forgot who they were dealing with. The al-Qaida forgot -- or never knew -- that computers track what you do.

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