Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Did I miss it?
During the last Presidential campaign, then-Governor Bush was saying that the economy wasn't as rosy as it looked, that we might be headed for a recession. This contention was answered by then-VP Al Gore, when answered at all, with one of his trademarked half-laugh contemptuous puffs.

The Boston Globe and the Dallas News both suggested at the time that it might be true. The Washington Post quoted Lawrence B. Lindsey (now the White House Assistant for Economic Affairs) way back in mid-1999 as saying "There are a lot of risks in the economy right now." And the economy he described then (that is, I mean to say, the future he saw coming) is pretty much the one we've seen since.

Turns out Bush was right. I just felt that someone should say that, since the newspapers won't. Or did I miss it?

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