Thursday, August 20, 2009

Which TV stars are coming to DragonCon?

AJC: Which TV stars are coming to DragonCon? Leonard Nimoy, John Schneider, Malcolm McDowell, Lou Ferrigno, Patrick Stewart.

Well. okay. But which radio stars are coming? Eh? Eh?

That's why you should see the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, whose big shows will be on Saturday (in the Marriott) and Sunday (in the Hyatt). We'll also do a relatively low-key reading on Friday (in the Marriott). Frankly, I suggest you bring your DVR, plug it into your room TV, and record the convention video channel (which will have a much better view of the Masquerade, Dawn Look-Alike contest, and key panels than you could possibly have in person), then come see ARTC (who apparently don't rate coverage on the convention video channel).

Bitter? Me? Naah.


Anonymous said...

The release (finally!) of the 'Rory Rammer, Space Marshal' CD doesn't rate a mention?

Bitter? Me? Naaaaah!

(It is one of the signs of the Apocalypse, however.)


Daniel said...

Given our history, I didn't want to mention it until I knew beyond question that we would actually have the CDs.

Anonymous said...

I have seen one! I have held one! I possess one! I listened to it in my car on the way to work this morning!

(Waiting for the simultaneous lightning strikes on Bill's and David's houses in.. 3... 2...)