Sunday, November 09, 2008

What landslide?

Well, what could be more unbiased than that?

From Eject! Eject! Eject!:
On Tuesday, the Left – armed with the most attractive, eloquent, young, hip and charismatic candidate I have seen with my adult eyes, a candidate shielded by a media so overtly that it can never be such a shield again, who appeared after eight years of a historically unpopular President, in the midst of two undefended wars and at the time of the worst financial crisis since the Depression and whose praises were sung by every movie, television and musical icon without pause or challenge for 20 months… who ran against the oldest nominee in the country’s history, against a campaign rent with internal disarray and determined not to attack in the one area where attack could have succeeded and who was out-spent no less than seven-to-one in a cycle where not a single debate question was unfavorable to his opponent – that historic victory, that perfect storm of opportunity…

Yielded a result of 53%.

Folks, we are going to lick these people out of their boots.
The Republican party had eight years under President Bush to identify a suitable standard-bearer to carry their message into the 21st century. And they found John McCain?

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Ulrika O'Brien said...

The Republicans would probably have had an easier time if they had any actual message for their candidate to carry. The fracture lines that have long been present between the party's various factions are becoming rather more obvious, now. The question is once you run the economy completely into the ground, what widely popular ideas do the Republicans have to sell? If you poll Americans about the individual issues that Republicans stand for, the GOP loses on most of them. Other than lying or changing their platform, what's to do?