Thursday, April 22, 2004

Missed opportunities

Careful what you ask for...
ScrappleFace | Bush Admits Mistakes, Apologizes
I have made mistakes during my time in the White House. I frittered away months trying to convince the United Nations that it should free the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator who never fulfilled the terms of surrender from the Gulf War and who continued to fire upon Coalition aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone.

... I'd also like to admit that it was a mistake to think that I could make friends with the Democrats by pouring funding into their top political agency, the National Education Association, or by creating a huge new medicare prescription drug entitlement. I can see now that no matter how often and how much you feed an alligator, he's always looking past the food in your hand and hankering for your arm, your heart, your head. My mistake...and I'm truly sorry.
Missed one. "And, of course, it was a mistake to expect straight questions and fairly reported answers from the White House press corps. I assumed they saw themselves as observers and ombudsmen rather than as an openly hostile fourth branch of government. This I regret deeply."

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